I can haz Cheezberger?

My name is David, and my chief relationship with animals is that I eat them.  I realize that I may, perhaps, be a minority in this class, but honestly looking back at my life, the consumption of animals has been the most constant relationship I have had with them.  I do not own clothing I am aware is made from animals, excepting shoes and belts.  I don’t have any pets currently.  I find most animal rights groups, at best, irritating.  It is my belief that all creatures, objects, and possibly even thoughts have a life to them, and that to live means that other things may undergo changes, including “death” in order for other life to survive.  However, I must also admit some difficulty placing the idea of cruelty to animals into perspective.  However, I would also argue for similar lobbies for plants, which recent research has shown, are capable of producing eletrical activity that dynamically resembles pain in animal life.

I have been around pets (despite not owning one) all of my life.schnauzer When I was a kid, my parents bought a female Miniature Schnauzer and named her Duchess.  They made a decision to breed her, and so my childhood was spent with multiple litters of Miniature Schnauzer puppies.  It was hard at first, because we raised the puppies by hand before selling them.  But eventually I determined, after reaching the appropriate age to start cleaning up poop, that I was a cat person.  I wasn’t able to get a cat until I “ran away” to California when I was 16.

cyruscat During my “turbulent” past, I moved to California with a family that took me in after my own home situation destabalized during my coming out process.  In order to help me accept myself, the family, who had several pets, recommended I find an animal.  After several weeks of searching, I found a vendor at a flea market by complete accident that had kittens for sale, under the table.  They were dirty, and skinny, and covered in fleas.  I found that I couldn’t leave them there, and so I took home a sickly ball of gray fluff that I fell in love with.  I named hims Cyrus, and he was perhaps the first significant personal relationship I had with an animal.  I had him for 5 years.  However, when I moved to a more rural area of California, he dissapeared, and while unconfirmed, neighbors suggested that he had been eaten by Coyotes.  I have not taken any animals since then.

supersquirrel The most recent impact that animals have had on my life is during my work with a personal growth instructor in Navasota, TX.  The group uses a blending of several different pagan belief structures, as well as the teachings of the Fourth Way to help it’s members facilitate positive change in their lives.  They also use certain aspects of Lakotan Native American tradition to assist members in interacting and communicating.  This includes the identification of each members “totem”, an animal which represents aspects of a persons personality, and which may act as a messenger or sign for them when they appear.  As the picture might suggest, the closest thing I got to a totem was an affinity for Squirrel.  During my work with the group, I learned to appreciate the ways in which the world we live in can affect our lives, if we have eyes to see it.  I was very grieved this holiday season, when the leader of the group unexpectedly passed on.  His animal affinities included Badger, Bear, and Magpie.

I hope to learn alot from this class, and to have my opinions on one of todays most hot button issues become more solid.  I look forward to getting to know each of you.


~ by dadaniel on January 19, 2009.

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